Strawberry Cake Recipe

1 - recipe basic sponge cake (refer eggless cake recipes)
1 cup - strawberries, cleaned and hulled
1/4 cup - sugar granulated
1/2 cup - sugar powdered
1/4 tsp - strawberry essence
1/4 tsp - vanilla essence
1 cup - chilled whipped cream
1/4 cup - chocolate curls


Make sponge cake, using strawberry essence instead of vanilla.Clean, halve, wash and put strawberries in a heavy pan.Sprinkle granulated sugar, toss lightly with wooden spatula.Place on low heat, sprinkling 3 tbsp. water over berries.Allow sugar to melt, berries to soften, and simmer for a minute more.Take off fire, allow to cool completely at room temperature.Drain berries, save liquid, keep aside till required. Beat chilled cream and powdered sugar till thick enough to hold in peaks. Keep chilled till required.Cut cooled cake into half horizontally.Soak both halves with the drained strawberry liquid.Spread 1 tbsp. whipped cream over top of lower half.Spread out strawberries over cream, evenly. Save a few for decorating on top.Put 2 tbsp. cream over strawberries, spreading evenly.Place upper portion of cake to sandwich strawberry filling.Spread out remaining whipped cream over top and sides of cake.Decorate with the saved strawberries, and chocolate curls.Chill for an hour before serving.

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