Rice Recipes

The word rice may mean different things to different people. It means Rice with Fish Curry to a Bengali, to a South Indian it may mean Sambar-Chawal or for a Muslim, it is the aromatic Biryani. But come what may, it is cherished in different ways in different parts of the country and every preparation is unique and exquisite. This section contains recipes to various aromatic Indian rice preparations.

Vegetable Rice

Carrot Rice
Asparagus Pulao
Capsicum Rice
Corn Rice
Gooseberry Rice    
Spinach Rice
Methi Pulao
Okra Rice
Cauliflower Pulao
Potato Pulav
Vangi Bath

Biriyani Varieties

Egg Biriyani
Chicken Biriyani
Shrimp Biriyani
Cooked Meat Biriyani
Vegetable Biriyani
Hyderabadi Biriyani
Fish Biriyani
Mushroom Soya Biriyani

Pulao Varieties

Kashmiri Pulao
Zafrani Pulao
Jeera Pulao
Peas Pulao

South Indian Variety Rice

Curry Leaf Rice
Curd Rice
Tomato Rice
Mint Corriander Rice
Mango Rice
Lemon Rice
Fried Rice
Khuska Biriyani

Rice with Lentils (Kitchadi and Pongal Varieties)

Puli Pongal
Ven Pongal
Sambhar (Kadamba) Sadam
Bisi Bele Bath

Other Rice Dishes

Chicken Fried Rice
Turkey Fried Rice
Payaru Kanji    
Sweet Rice Dishes

Zarda Rice
Rice Pudding
Sweet Pongal
Phirni (Rice Kheer)
Nei Payasam