Lemon Cheese Cake Recipe


1 packet - lemon jelly crystals
1 packet - china grass (agar agar) crystals
250 gms - soft paneer
250 gms - fresh double cream, chilled
3/4 cup - sugar
4 to 5 drops - vanilla or lemon essence
1 tbsp - lemon rind grated or candied
1/2 - lemon wedge, seeds removed


Bring to a boil, half water (125 ml) water in a deep vessel.Add lemon jelly, stirring continuously, simmer for a minute.Take off fire when fully transparent.Add 125 ml. more water, mix well.Allow to thicken in fridge, but not to set firmly.Dissolve chinagrass in 200 ml. water, while heating.Add in lemon wedge, continue heating.Allow it to melt, and become fully transparent.Take off fire, remove wedge, and discard it.Cool to room temperature, allowing it to thicken but not set.Beat whipped cream with sugar, till soft peaks are formed. Beat paneer with chinagrass in blender, to form a soft, light, mixture. Add cream to jelly, beat till well mixed and smooth.Fold in essence, making sure not to let cream become thin.Mix both and beat with an egg beater, till frothy and smooth.Set in a shallow dish in freezer for 6-7 hours or till firm.Decorate with lemon rind, and other desired toppings. Serve slices of cheese cake, with warm shortbread or as is.

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