Paneer Balls


100 gms paneer
175 gms coconut powder
90 gms confectionary sugar(depending upon the taste/slightly less than then paneer)
1 tbs cardamom powder

  1. Method:

  2. Method to Make Panner Boil milk,add vinegar solution and stir it . Drain into a muslin cloth. Press out excess water. Place cloth under heavy weight for 1 hr only. Method to Make paneer balls Take out paneer and put in a large bowl. Kneed paneer with base of the hand ( not with fingers) to make a very soft and smooth dough. Add coconut podwer, confectionary sugar and cardamom powder in it and mix it very well and make a smooth dough with it. Shape dough into laddoos of desired shape. Put it refrigerator in summer and at room temp. in winter.

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