Aalu posto

2 piece green whole chili
as needed drops Musterd oil
1 piece Onion
1/2 cup Poppy seeds
3 or 4 number Potato
1 piece Red whole dry chili
as per your taste pinch Salt
little pinch sugar
1/2 cup water


1. Peel three or four potato & cut it medium cube shape & put into water for good colour.
2. Soak half a cup of poppy seeds into water & make a good smooth paste along with two fresh green chili & little salt. After that put little mustard oil into it and mix it well.
3. Cut a medium onion into very thin slices.
4. Heat the kadai & put some mustard oil.
5. For tarka put one whole red dry chili.
6. Put all onion in oil & put salt as per your taste & fry them good till it soft. 7. Put all potato & fry with onion & fry for few minutes.
8. Put poppy seeds paste & stir & cook it till all poppy seeds mixed with potato & potato coated with poppy seeds paste.
9. Put half cup of water & mixed it well & cover with lid & stir occasionally.
10. After few minutes all water should get evaporated & potatos also be cooked. Then put pinch of sugar & some raw mustard oil (optional) & your alu posto is done.

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