Cocktail Kachori Chaat

8-10 pcs kachori,
31/2-4 cups fresh curds beaten,
1/2 cup tamarind chutney,
1-2 tblsp garlic chutney,
2-3 tblsp green chutney(coriander),
1/2 tsp sanchal(black salt),
1/2 tsp freshly grounded jeera powder,
Salt to taste,
1/2 red chilli powder,
Chaat masala(optional)

For garnishing:
Thin nylon sev,
Pomegranate seeds,
Freshly chopped coriander leaves..


Mash the kachori partially. Drizzle beaten curd over it. Pour all the chutneys-tamarind,green and garlic as needed.
Sprinkle sanchal,jeera pd, red chilli pd,salt,chaat masala.Garnish with sev, pomegranate seeds,coriander leaves.

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