Chatpatta Chaat

urad papad
1/4 cup sprouted moong
1/4 cup sprouted chana
1/4 cup boiled makai dana(corn)
1/4 cup pomogranet dana
4 tbs. chopped coriander
chat masala as per taste
red chilly powder as per taste

1. Roast the urad papad for 30 seconds in microwave.(If you don`t have microwave you can use gas for roast the papad).
2. Immediatly after removing from microwave and when it is hot make bowl shape from papad and keep aside.
3. Mix all the remaining ingrediants in one bowl, add chat masala and chilly powder and toss it well.
4. Now in one plate place papad bowl, in that put some mixture and garnish with some chopped coriander and serve.

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