Tandoori King Prawns

Ingredients :

16 king prawns
1 cup tandoori marinade

Tandoori marinade ingredients:

2 cups plain yoghurt
2 green chillies
2 teaspoon grated green ginger
3 cloves garlic
1½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
1 teaspoon black cummin
1½ teaspoon garam masala
2 teaspoon vinegar
2 tablespoon cooking oil
½ teaspoon red food colouring
½ teaspoon yellow food colouring

Method for Tandoori Marinade :

1. Combine the yoghurt, green chillies, ginger, and garlic in a blender until smooth.
2. Empty into a bowl and add all the remaining ingredients. Beat the mixture until glossy.

Method for Tandoori King Prawn :

1. Remove shells and beards from the prawns, wash and drain.

2. In a bowl, mix together the prawns and the marinade making sure that the prawns are well coated. (There is no need to marinate these for long and in fact they should not be left for longer than a few minutes.)

3. Preheat your oven to the maximum temperate.

4. Remove prawns from the marinade shaking off excess, and place on a rack in a shallow baking tray.

5. Bake near the top of the oven for 7-8 minutes.

6. Serve, sizzling on a sizzler dish if liked, with green salad, lemon slices, and yoghurt mint sauce).

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