Masala Soyabean


Soyabean (big) - 100 gms
Corriander leaves - one bunch (big)
Cumin seeds - one table spoon
Turmeric powder - two tea
Dhaniya powder - three tsp
Red Chilly powder - two tsp
Tomatoes (big) - two
Salt to taste

Oil for frying - five table spoons


Soak soyabeen in the water say for 15 to 20 minutes, then boil in the pressure cooker. One whistle will be enough, take out the soyabean from water and keep aside. Add salt while boiling. Now first heat the oil in frying pan and then put cumin seeds, fry till it becomes brown in colour, then put the tomatoes finely cut into small pieces again fry for some time then you put turmeric, dhaniya and chilly powder. Mix it well and then put soyabean. Fry say for ten minutes and put coriander leaves finely cut just after two three minutes.

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