Maamidikaaya Pappu


-Arhar/toordal :250gms .
-Water:4 cups
-Green mangoes :4 medium sized,
peeled and cut into 6/8 pieces
each lengthwise
Turmeric:1 tsp, garlic-6.
Green chilies:4-6 slit , Salt to taste,
Sugar :1-2 tsps or to taste,
Ghee :1 tsp


Wash dal and stir into boiling water. Add turmeric and after stirring, continue cooking for about 20 minutes. Add the green mangoes, green chilies and salt to taste.
Continue cooking until green mangoes are soft but not mushy. Add sugar to taste.
In a karai/wok heat ghee and add garlic peaces. Stir well. Bring to boil once and remove from fire.
serve with hot rice and papad.

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