Pachi Pulusu (Raw Rasam)

50 gms: Tamarind
2 small: Onion
25 gms: Sesame seeds
5: Green chillies
1/2 bunch small: Coriander
Salt: according to taste

Soak tamarind in water for about an hour.
Roast sesame seeds on a plain frying pan until light brown (no oil).
Grind roasted sesame seeds into powder in a mixer (little water can be added if it doesn′t get ground properly)
Chop onion and chillies finely and mix thoroughly in a bowl with powdered sesame and set it aside.
Extract juice from soaked tamarind. Throw away the tamarind pulp.
Mix extracted tamarind juice with the powder you have set aside in step 4.
Add chopped coriander.
Add salt according to taste.
Ready to serve with rice.

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