Majjiga mirapakaayalu


fresh green chillis
Butter milk(majjiga)



Wash and pat dry the green chillis and make vertical slits half way along the green chilli on two sides. The slits have to be made such that the green chilli is intact and doesnt open up. Generally the seeds of this particular variety arent too many so I dont really remove the seeds, as when you make the slits a few seeds do pop out on their own. You can remove a few seeds but ensure you dont break the green chilli.Now soak them in enough quantity of thick buttermilk. Cover and shake them twice a day.
Take out the green chillis from the buttermilk on the fourth day morning and sun dry it all day by spreading them over 4-5 sheets of newspapers or thick plastic sheet and put them back in the same
majjiga aga
in later in the evening at sunset. Remember to remove them in the evening and put them back in the buttermilk and let them sit in it all night before you again remove them the next morning to be sun-dried. Continue this process for atleast 3 days.Then throw away the left over sour buttermilk and continue to sun dry the chillis till completely dry. Store them in an air tight container and deep fry them in hot oil till crisp and golden brown. Majjiga Mirapakaaya is a simple recipe but is a lenghty process and requires some patience as the preparation process is spread over a week.
serve hot with dal rice.

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