Hard & sour mangoes-20 in no.s

chilli powder-1/4kg (fresh & fine)

salt-1/4 kg

fenugreek seeds-50 gm

turmeric-1½ tsp

Mustard powder-1/4 kg

Gingely oil-( til ka teal) 1 kg

Ginger (peeled)-80 gms

garlic (peeled)-100gms


Wash & wipe and cut the mango chunks as above pickle.

Peel 6 grind ginger, garlic coarsely.Keep aside.

Sieve the chilli powder,salt and turmeric,mustard powder.

Take a big skillet and add all above powders & ground garlic,ginger paste.

Mix ½ amount of gingely oil to the above masala.

Rub the mango bits into the above mixture evenly.

Mix well and store them in a neat ceramic jar,( press slightly)with airtight lid

for 3 days.

On 3 rd day remove from the jar, mix well (check the salt & oil).

Transfer again to the jar,press slightly & pour the remaining ½ of the oil.

Store in a cool dry place.

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