Velagapandu Pachadi


Wood apple 2(medium)
Salt 1tbsp
Turmeric 1tsp
Greenchillies 12
Fenugreek seeds roasted &powdered tbsp


Break the hard cover,and grop the inside flesh with a slotted spoon.Blend coarsely along with salt,turmeric and fenugreek powder.Crush green chillies and add to the above.
Blend everything coarsely,and keep in the jar.Next day take a cup of this pickle,Heat oil and fry 2-3(as per taste) red chillies.When they fried remove and add to the pickle and grind for 1 more minute.In the remaining oil ,add mustards1/2tsp,blackgram, and curry leaves ,fry for a minute.Add directly to the chutney and serve with the plain rice.

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